Welcome, to The Soup Guy.net

I sell my line of handmade artisan soups and chili around the Seacoast area of New Hampshire in a number of different ways...

  • At various farmer’s markets (follow my blog)
  • At events & fairs.
  • At a select number of stores in my area.
  • Directly from me at The Soup Guy commercial kitchen in Dover, NH.

Due to the growing popularity of The Soup Guy brand I decided to try offering them one more way to the greater soup loving world outside of this area!

Online Ordering!

Now you can order The Soup Guy soups and chili on line and they will be shipped to you in frozen 1 quart pouches! A single quart pouch (32 ounces) will serve 4 appetizer-sized helpings or 2 to 3 regular meal sized helpings (depending on how hungry you are). It's easy to order. Each order is processed and shipped the next day.

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